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Horse Trails of "Colorful" Colorado 



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Thanks so much for putting it together.

Keith & Laura, Berthoud, CO

I love the book. I am even more excited about the next one.
The pictures are perfect.  I love to see what I am looking for before I ride and then what it actually looks like when I'm on the trail!!!!
I can't think of anything to add to the book.......

B.J., Erie, CO

LOVE this book. The directions and pictures are amazing. And I NEED
good directions. What a treasure and need for this! ....When is the next book coming?
K.S., Boulder, CO
This book is SO clear and helpful.  This pictures of the landmarks and the trailheads are immensely valuable.
R.D., Masonville, CO
Your book on horse trails is an absolute necessity.  I can't imagine
trailriding without this wonderful reference book.  I can't wait for
the next one.
S.L. Roberts
Hi Janet; Your book arrived today! Thank you very much for sending it so quickly;
and for autographing it.
It's an outstanding book! Wonderful pictures, very informative, excellent information.
My friends will be thrilled with it. Makes ME want to ride Colorado! Thank you for
researching these trails to assist other riders. You'll sell this printing out in no time!
Debbie, California
I just wanted to say congratulations on putting this book together. I
have ordered one today and look forward to receiving it.
Best of luck with it and please let me know when #2 is available.
Cherry Hill , Colorado
I received your Horse Trails Book #2 as a gift from a friend in California, just before
relocating to Sedalia, Colorado.  Although I have not had the opportunity to ride any of
the trails yet, I did find your Card Corral most helpful.  I found my new farrier as well
as a feed store there.
Thanks for writing these books!
B. Berry, Colorado
This book is SO clear and helpful.  Thank you for taking the time to
put it together.  The pictures of the landmarks and the trailheads are
immensely valuable.
R. Davis, Colorado
Enjoyed your guide - very thorough - if you can't follow this, you need a seeing eye dog.
Ray, Colorado
I just purchased both books and want to congratulate you on a job well done and can't wait for the next one.  It was definitely needed.....
Sharon, Colorado
" ...consider your book as my Trail Bible."
Vachelle Beckham, Aurora, Colorado


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