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These are the Chapters in the book with a narrow and brief overview. 

1.   Citizen Responsibility  How our nation was founded and the principles that formulated our form of government. How these principles are directly tied to the responsibility that each of us should bear as citizens within our nation to remain free.         
2.   Values in Voting Explore the vital role that traditional values should play in any decision we make in life that includes voting. The Founding Fathers deemed this responsibility as an obligation when directly linked to values; thereby not obtaining liberty at the expense of another.                 
3.   OH God, OH God Godís Word on values, responsibilities and the principles our nation was founded on. What the Founding Fathers believed and established in our Founding Documents.          
4.   Vietnam, No Way A look at the Liberal attitudes which did not appear overnight as claimed by some but were planted long ago in the 60s with the resulting harvest which we are now paying for in today's "Culture War".           
5.   Party On A look at the fundamental differences between the Parties; how they once were as compared to today and the resulting attempts of the Liberal Left to remove God and the conservative values from our Founding Documents and ultimately our society.
6.   Interesting Specialists Special Interests groups are addressed along with the part they play in formulating policy. Some of these groups remain disguised with many Americans still being unaware.
7.   Iím Terrified A look at Terrorism and how it affects our lives. Unwittingly, we have had our own brand of it within our country for quite some time that we have failed to address effectively.
8.   We the People What does ďWe The PeopleĒ really mean and what must we do to retain our liberties as "One Nation Under God"?
9.   Profile a Candidate Revealing the need to profile an individual based on what they believe, their past actions and accomplishments to develop a track record. If your main consideration for choosing a candidate is the reflection of Godís Word in their life, then Godís Word must be considered and weighed during the selection of the candidates.
10.  Goats or Kids Americans seem to be raising their children as goats; allowing them to graze unattended wherever and on whatever.  Parents need to become more involved in the raising of their children in todayís society.
11.  A Bugís Life Even though we are individuals, collectively we become more affective and can accomplish great things if we will make the decision to do so.
12.  Hold That Thought Happenings within our nation and around the world that are often unreported or overlooked and how they may affect us.
13.  The Patriot Reviews a selection of patriots and patriotic events. A summons to all Americans to become patriots involved in shaping the future of our great nation.


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